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Designed for delivery

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As part of a £23 million project, Bondholder Maber is delivering The Medical Technologies Innovation Facility (MTIF) for a local university.

MTIF Clifton is one of two MTIF facilities Maber is delivering on behalf of Nottingham Trent University (NTU), enabling fundamental research projects for medical technologies and innovation in the global health sector.

It will become a leading-edge research facility that partners academia with industry, enabling the university to perform advanced medical research. The two-storey building accommodates laboratories, clean rooms and an extensive range of specialist equipment in order to aid industry with the right resources for its research and development.

The building’s design was particularly complex, involving the co-ordination of advanced equipment and extensive building services with laboratories that required varied levels of cleanliness and environmental control.

Steve Basran, director, said: ’’We're really pleased with the way this venture for NTU has gone. We were specifically brought in to take over the scheme and lead a series of interventions that would bring the scheme within budget.

“To understand the brief we immersed ourselves with the academics and scientists and realised very early on that the scheme needed to be redesigned from the bottom up to have any chance of surviving.

“The redesigned scheme sailed through planning, delivered a complex brief, and incorporated all of the specialist facilities and spaces to make the building appealing for use. We are genuinely excited about the n21ext generation of medical technologies being developed here.”

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