Latest News | 20 April 2016

£5 Million Deal

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““There are now just four remaining building plots available at Westside Park.
The quality of building product provided by Ivygrove is there for all to see with Derby manufacturers EPM Technology, Quality Control Technology and SGS Engineering all taking advantage of the excellent benefits of the site.””
— Stephen Salloway, Managing Director

A landmark deal has been finalised for a warehouse for one of the largest manufacturer of NitroLift gas struts in the UK.

The deal, worth a reported £5 million, is the result of complex negotiations taking place over a year, with the 65,000 sq ft warehouse providing space for SGS Engineering.

“SGS have once again been a pleasure to deal with and I am delight that we have
been able to accommodate their requirements at Westside Park and retain such a
well-known and well-run manufacturer”
— John Blout, Managing Director of Ivygrove Developments

Stephen Salloway, Managing Director of Salloway Property Consultants, said: “This has been an extremely complicated deal to put together, requiring patience and tenacity by all involved. The new building straddles two parcels of land we previously acquired for Ivygrove. However, the latter parcel was subject to a number of covenants that impose demands on the timing, use and structure of the development project. Working through these to enable the 65,000 sq.ft deal to SGS has taken a colossal effort.” 

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