Latest News | 4 February 2016

Team Derby hosts Finland visit

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Ms. Seija Kuikka – City of Mikkeli and Mayor of Derby, Cllr Paul Pegg

Yesterday, Marketing Derby and Derby City Council hosted a delegation from the Finnish city of Mikkeli, Finland's 20th biggest city, with a population of around 55,000.

The delegation was hosted by Dutch international investors Clean Electricity Generation UK (CEG) who last year opened a green electricity plant in at Trafalgar Park in Derby.

Mayor of Derby, Paul Pegg welcomed Ms. Seija Kuikka, Chairman of the city board of Mikkeli. CEG received a DEGF loan to support its growth in Derby.

“DEGF’s loan has enabled CEG to reach its goals of entering commercial production levels significantly with its first commercial bio coal and green electricity plant in Derby. This has led to international interest in the construction of more CEG bio coal and green electricity plants for the near future”
— Erik Huis, Chief Executive Officer, Clean Electricity Generation UK

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