Latest News | 28 August 2015

City Student Residential Plan

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Months after Bondholder University of Derby signed a lease on a £20 million office building to house it's Department of Law and Criminology, developer Jensco has earmarked the adjacent plot for the development of 244 student residential units.

If approved, the new building, known as Agard Court, will house 244 one-bed en-suite rooms arranged in 45 clusters of between four and six units.

The application also includes a new stairway to Friar Gate Bridge, the creation of a courtyard and associated landscaping.

The University of Derby has backed Jensco's plans with a letter of support, stating that high quality accommodation is “essential” in the highly competitive education market.

Jensco is led by John Needleman and Nigel Bobroff, who were both Lowbridge development managers for One Friar Gate Square. The student accommodation block was designed by architecture firm careyjones chapmantolcher (CJCT), which also worked on One Friar Gate Square.

The proposals are currently being considered by Derby City Council.

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