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Derby Named as Top 10 City for Job Creation

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“Derby has seen business stock grow by a fifth over a ten-year period, matched by a 7% increase in net jobs, above the national average.”
— Centre for Cities

Due to the large amount of private sector jobs created in the last ten years, Derby has been named a top ten city for job creation in the Cities Outlook 2015 report by independent think-tank, Centre for Cities.

Between 2004 and 2013, Debry achieved a net increase of private sector jobs of 6,343, a rise of 7.6%, comparable only to London, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.

An even better statistic was that each worker produces on average £56,900 worth of goods and services – 9th in the UK.

Home to Rolls-Royce, Toyota and Bombardier as well as a focus on the hi-tech supply chain industry, Derby's manufacturing prowess helped it achieve the second highest number of people employed in the manufacturing sector with a whopping figure of 21,400.

Centre for Cities has identified Derby as one of the best places for super-fast digital broadband with 85.5% availability – better than Nottingham, following places such as Luton and Brighton.

“This report makes the strongest economic case yet for the next Government to step up to the challenge of investing in the long-term success of our cities, and build a brighter future in which mor apple and places can contribute to, and share in, prosperity and growth.”
— Andrew Carter, Acting Chief Executive at Centre for Cities.

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