Derby way ahead says think tank

Keynote speaker at this year's Annual Business Event, Andrew Carter - Deputy CEO of Centre for Cities (an independent, non-partisan think tank) - outlined the research available on Derby and its future.

He started off by highlighting the large contribution cities make to the national economy, as well as showing that Derby has been one of the better performing cities over the last 10 years in terms of increased job numbers especially in knowledge-based industries.

He also highlighted that Derby is way ahead in terms of advanced manufacturing - one of the city's real strengths. Companies which contribute to this sector include Bondholders Rolls-Royce, Toyota and Bombardier, as well as many SMEs.

The popularity of city centre living is increasing with the majority of new residents over the last 10 years being workers or students, as opposed to the unemployed or inactive.

Andrew concluded his slot with his final reflections that Derby should:

  • build on its existing 'edge-of-town' world-class assets;
  • improve the city centre offer for 'new work' jobs and workers;
  • work with neighbours and other mid-sized cities to make the case for investment to government and investors.

To contact Andrew at Centre for Cities for more information, check him out on our Twitter @AndrewCities or email