Bowmer & Kirkland's Sales Soar by £70m

In the year ending August 2014, Bondholder Bowmer & Kirkland generated revenues of £733m, up from £661.5m a year earlier.

Markets remaining challenging, but we are starting to see a steady improvement which is expected to continue into 2015
— John Kirkland, Chairman at Bowmer & Kirkland

Soaring by more than £70m in sales figures, pre-tax profits also increased to £27m from £23m. Chairman John Kirkland said that "stringent cost controls" have led to further profit growth in 2014.

Our strong cash position has enabled us to continue to provide equity funding to finance developments and invest in joint venture opportunities, which has enabled us to secure additional construction work in a competitive market
— John Kirkland, Chairman at Bowmer & Kirkland