Chartwell Announces New VADA Facility

Over recent years the requirements for estimating and assessing vehicle accident damage have developed greatly to a point where old practices require change.

Vehicles are now very complex and the technology is developing rapidly - without using modern equipment to diagnose and systems-check every aspect of a vehicle after an accident, many matters are hidden and are often the safety-critical ones that are costly to put right.

VADA is a principle and process that seeks to bring all the knowledge surrounding a repair to the start of the process. Bondholder Chartwell has introduced a brand new VADA facility including 2,000 LUX lights, CCTV recording, quick access doors and full media integration.

Equipment includes:

  • Vehicle fit;
  • Video condition imaging;
  • Rapid wheel alignment check system;
  • System diagnostic equipment;
  • Digital body measurement equipment;
  • Paint depth gauging;
  • Large screen visual displays;
  • Audatex/manufacturer costing;
  • Vehicle manufacture data and methods;
  • Designated hand tools.