Rock Fall Puts Best Foot Forward

Richard Noon, Sales Director at Rock Fall UK

Many complain about health and safety laws going "mad" but you won't find Bondholder Rock Fall UK complaining - it's the main reason why sales have soared 24% at the Alfreton-based company.

Selling one million shoes and boots - 500,000 pairs - around the world each year to countries such as New Zealand, Kenya, Nigeria, Chile, France, Mauritius and Malta, as well as its principal markets in the UK and Ireland, Rock Fall UK specialises in manufacturing the very best safety footwear.

Joining Marketing Derby earlier this year, Rock Fall UK was originally established in 1987 by Stephen Noon, but the company is now being driven forward by sons Richard and Matthew. 

The business is going from strength to strength. Turnover is up 24% this year and that’s the result of us entering new markets
— Richard Noon, Sales Director at Rock Fall UK

The company currently employs 19 people and all designs are created at the Alfreton site but manufactured around the world at accredited factories. Sales Director Richard Noon says that innovation is the key to the company's success which creates boots which comply with the various restraints many industries impose.

We’re very big on innovation. We manufacture non-metallic boots which are the specified boots for the London Underground as they don’t set of metal detectors
— Richard Noon, Sales Director at Rock Fall UK

Rock Fall UK also sells insulated boots for Arctic working conditions and another for oil rig workers that protects against the corrosive impact of salt water.

It seems failure and Rock Fall do not make a pair.