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At Two Chevrons, our mission is to address challenges within the veteran and blue light sectors by fostering partnerships with businesses and organisations across the UK through our partnership program. Additionally, Two Chevrons serves as the governing body for the Armed Forces Business Centre, a concept we aim to establish in cities nationwide.

Through our partnership fees, we focus on addressing key issues at their root cause: Education and Transition Support. The absence of these factors directly contributes to homelessness, substance abuse, mental health struggles, and suicide. Your support can play a crucial role in ensuring that every member of these communities receives free education and mentoring, along with guidance and support throughout their transition. This, in turn, facilitates successful integration, reduces pressure on the NHS and charities, and makes a lasting impact on individuals’ lives.

Two Chevrons was honoured to receive a year’s free membership as the recipients of the Rising Star Award. However, becoming a Bondholder was a significant milestone for our organisation. We have witnessed first-hand the positive impact on communities and businesses that have been part of the program. For Two Chevrons, joining the Bondholder program was a natural progression, and we envision building a long-lasting relationship with Marketing Derby and its Bondholder community.

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