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Penguin PR was formed 10 years ago by two former journalists, with 30 years combined experience of working in the media.

We generate and deliver public relations, media, communications and social media content to businesses, charities and schools who are looking to raise their profiles locally, regionally and nationally.

We pride ourselves on producing well-written and engaging content and understand that human stories, no matter what the industry or sector, provide the most potent method of attracting attention and generating interest.

We put this into practice for a wide range of companies from sole traders who have found themselves talking about their business on regional TV programmes to large corporations, such as Lubrizol, whose news has travelled all around the world.

In a competitive national market the city has to punch above its weight in order to attract the inward investment that everyone else is bidding for.

As a local company, made up of local people, we are keen to help spread the word that while our city looks small on the map it is full of excellent opportunities both in terms of industry and lifestyle.

Marketing Derby has an unrivalled ability to galvanise the business community so that they can generate business both for themselves and also for Derby as a whole. 

We realise that this city is not without its challenges but we believe in a future where Derby becomes a city where people are happy and proud to work and live, whether they have been here all their lives or are new to the area.

Derby is a small city with a big heart, where warmth of its people is its greatest asset. While it is home to world-leading names, it is also a creative community made up of people who are proud of their hometown, with local business owners who realise that they have a responsibility to become the driving force for the change the population of Derby deserves.

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