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Paradise Island Adventure Golf

Forget crazy golf… this is adventure golf at intu Derby!

Its often said that business deals are done on the golf course, so how about the “adventure golf” course.

At our site in intu Derby, we’ve got two 18 hole adventure golf courses spanning 14,000 sq/ft of adventure golfing paradise.

On the Shark Bay course, explorers will be treated to an adventurous game when they tee-off on an abandoned shipwreck and navigate through sea caves, filled with seaweed and giant octopus to the sound of waves crashing and wind blowing.

Next they will arrive at the beach with pebbles and shells, before reaching castaway camp with turtles and shark fishing. Finally voyagers will trek along the jungle path with bamboo, palms and ferns, tropical plants and distant mountains before completing the journey in the tribal village and cannibal camp.

On the Mermaid Rock course, adventurers will start at the docks and travel through the monkey temple, full of vines and lush tropical plants. Monkey calls and sounds of jungle creatures will add an extra challenge for putting experts not used to hitting a ball in the middle of a rainforest.

The expedition will continue through the lost lagoon and will finish in a mystical bazaar spice market full of fragrant fruits, carpets and lanterns, against a backdrop of rich sounds and smell. Our 19th hole gives all adventure golfers the chance to win a free game at the end of the round.

To help us reach out and communicate and build relationships with other businesses in Derby.

One of the main reasons I’ve become a bondholder is to help understand Derby, the various businesses in/around Derby and the culture.

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