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LDC is the UK’s leading mid market private equity house. It has been backing the ambitions of mid-market businesses for 40 years, investing more than £5.5bn to support over 650 management teams realise their growth strategies. Backed by Lloyds Banking Group, LDC has £1.2bn to invest in UK mid-market businesses in the next three years. It is most active mid-market private equity investor, and has completed more buyouts than any of its competitors over the past five years. LDC supports management teams from all sectors and in every corner of the UK through its regional network of 12 locations and 95 employees. It has a diverse portfolio of 90 mid-sized businesses across all sectors and from all corners of the UK. LDC helps portfolio companies grow organically, through acquisition or buy and build strategies and via international expansion. Indeed, its portfolio companies grow on average three times faster than the national average for UK SMEs. LDC has a flexible approach to private equity partnership, often enabling management teams to retain control of their business while providing capital as well as strategic and operational help to support growth. LDC has up to £100million of flexible equity capital available for each company it supports, both at the initial investment stage and through follow-on funding. We have strong regional presence in the UK with 12 offices across the country. We have been in Nottingham for 23 years and deployed c.£500m equity capital.

Our view is that Derby will continue to grow and remain as an important part of the East Midlands business community.

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