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Koobr is a graphic design and brand communication company which believes in commitment to quality and innovation as well as to its clients

We are proud to be part of Derby’s business community, which is very unique compared to other areas in the UK. There is a real sense of excitement and enterprise growth within the city right now. We are one of those growing businesses, very keen to connect with other likeminded businesses and take part in Derby’s ongoing development.

There is a real sense of excitement and enterprise growth within the city right now

Within Derby’s business community there is a spirit of nurturing. As a growing business, we have acted as both a provider and recipient of this kind of supportive and constructive culture. We have seen experienced business owners working with start up business, employers working closely with schools and training providers and a collaborative exchange of services in order to encourage growth and employment.

We are exceptionally proud of our talented staff, the majority of whom are locally based right here in Derby. We view this as a testament to the city’s unique offering of creative minds and diverse personalities; qualities we feel to be strongly reflected in Derby-based businesses today.

There is a strong collaborative spirit amongst local businesses, across so many different industries, not so readily witnessed amongst organisations outside of Derby. We are extremely proud to consider ourselves as part of Derby’s rich heritage in creativity and innovation, as seen in the textile and manufacturing industries. Ideally situated in the heart of the Midlands, we have benefited from many lasting relationships with varied and fascinating businesses within and around the region.

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