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We are Chris Howard and Angela Jenkins and together make Cactus Images, a commercial photography and retouching studio specialising in creative still life and food photography.

Cactus Images has built a reputation for our ability to translate our clients’ ideas into high quality, beautiful, bold and dynamic images. By skillfully bringing together the demands of commercial photography, particularly within the cosmetics and beauty product sector, we have combined our individual strengths, expertise and passion to establish a dynamic, creative team where the magic really does happen.

Post production is an integral part of our work. We take our lead from our client’s brief and factor in our styling, creativity and technical abilities to produce a creative concept and approach. We then combine the process of matching our client’s vision with what happens firstly in camera and then digitally in post production, to create the highest quality images that will give your business that commercial edge you are looking for.

Conveniently located at Derby’s Friar Gate Studios, Cactus Images will also shoot on location and has developed an extensive client portfolio ranging from editorial and advertising photography, architecture and head shot photography, through to PR and point of sale.

Almost all of our business comes from the region and we want to encourage this growth by supporting and reinvesting in Derby.

A spokesperson said: “Cactus Images is immensely proud to be able to call Derby its home. The creative industries have a great challenge when it comes to visibility over large agencies based outside of Derbyshire.”

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