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BEAR is an award-winning independent brand offering an elevated coffee experience ‘in-store’ and ‘at home’. BEAR serves speciality coffee, brunch, cocktails and craft beer in beautifully thought out spaces, whilst creating a better experience and helping to upskill customers to brew consistently great coffee from their kitchen or office.

The friendships and networks that can grow from within the group have already proved to be invaluable to us, and encouraged us to take advantage of all of the new and exciting opportunities that may not have otherwise found us.

“Derby is a city of culture and creatives. There are so many local businesses that embody and add to this, particularly in the food and drink industry. We’re super proud of our Midlands heritage; BEAR combines our countryside roots with all of the best bits of our collective inner-city influences. We’re essentially taking Shoreditch, giving it a pair of walking boots, and taking it for a trek in the Peak District!”

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Katie Wells

Lindsey Hatfield

Commercial Development Manager

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