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‘Av It Media was born when businesses Averill Photography and Artifex Studios began collaborating on photography and video content for well-known national brands. In combining Averill Photography’s stunning images with Artifex Studios high-end video content, the magic happened. Merging these businesses together meant that we could provide our clients with a one-stop powerhouse for all things photographic, audio and visual. We offer both commercial and personal services, with a further specialism in automotive. We can also edit or digitally retouch your existing content.

Will you ‘Av It Commercial, ‘Av It Personal or ‘Av It Automotive?

Derby is in our DNA. We are born and bred in Derby, and we want to make a real impact in shaping the city’s future. Marketing Derby provides a strong platform for local businesses to work together, be part of a community and help one another grow.

Derby is one of the friendliest cities you can come to. We have great people, a great community and like minded individuals that want the best in life. Derby is just the right size to get around easily, with a wide offering now of shops, bars and restaurants. In our opinion, you won’t find a happier place to be.

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