Smooth Radio

Communicorp UK is home to some of the most exciting brands in UK radio including Capital networks in Scotland and South Wales, Heart Networks in Yorkshire and North Wales, Smooth Radio networks in the North East, North West and East Midlands as well as XS Manchester.

Our seven regional Capital, Heart and Smooth stations are part of the brands’ UK wide network with the other stations owned by Global Radio. We also own one local station - XS Manchester

Operating the Smooth Radio brand within the East Midlands we made the decision to invest in a Derby/Derbyshire only transmitter to create a truly local radio station experience for our listeners and to ensure our audience is accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Smooth Radio brings you your ‘relaxing music mix’. The Smooth Radio experience is about playing the soundtrack to your life – we play the biggest and best songs from the past 40 years, brought to you by talented and intelligent presenters.

We are delighted to have become a Marketing Derby bondholder and want to encourage continued audience and economic growth in Derby.

We work with over 2,500 businesses each year and provide our clients a full range of marketing services with a focus on delivering a strong ROI. Our services range from radio, digital marketing, design, right through to research and insight and creative development with a focus on creating...




Let us help you grow your business no matter how big or small... 

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Smooth Radio
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