Poppy PR

Poppy PR is a PR Agency with a vital difference.

Our team consists not of PR graduates but of experienced journalists, accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), with extensive careers in both the local and national media. This means that any written content created on behalf of our clients is overseen by seasoned professionals who understand first-hand what gets published and what doesn’t.

We are on hand to offer our advice at any time of the day, and we offer the highest levels of customer service. With our modern, realistic and flexible approach, no PR Agency is more accountable, more transparent or more effective. 

At Poppy PR, we’re passionate about the city in which we do business and we’re keen to play our part in keeping Derby on the map of inward investment. We want to integrate with other businesses who share that same mindset, so becoming a Bondholder feels like a very natural step forward.
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