OneSubsea was created by two subsea leaders: Cameron and Schlumberger. From reservoir to subsea to surface, OneSubsea delivers premier processing, boosting and listing, unrivalled flow assurance and world-class subsea production systems.

We secured OneSubsea as an inward investment in late 2012 providing help on recruitment, PR and finding premises. The company has created its new 'centre of engineering excellence' on Pride Park in Derby, employing 40 highly-skilled staff.


"Derby really opened our eyes - as well as already having a reputation for engineering, it is a developed city, and its regeneration is continuing despite what is happening in the wider economy. There were a number of things we were looking for in our new location, this included the ability to link up with local universities and good transport infrastructure (including road, rail and air) which Derby has, and of course, we wanted somewhere that had a depth of engineering talent."