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Koobr is Shaping Up

Bondholder Koobr has taken team building exercises to a new level — incorporating actual physical exercise.

The creative agency has taken part in weekly training sessions with the help of fitness and nutrition expert Michael Pearce, who has been working with the team of creatives and marketers to whip them into shape, whilst strengthening team bonds as a whole.

Craig Barker, Koobr's Managing Director, said: "“I’ve always made a point of looking after the wellbeing of my staff, and I believe its a responsibility all forward-thinking organisations should undertake. As well as reducing physical and mental illnesses like stress, anxiety and depression, corporate fitness also improves productivity and attentiveness. All in all, it’s important to any business.

“Since embarking on this journey, we’ve definitely grown tighter as a team. Whilst we’ll continue to train and eat properly for our own personal reasons, it’s pretty fair to say that we’ll continue training together and keep getting healthier as a group in order to support and motivate each other towards our collective goals and ambitions.”

Now Michael is working with fellow Bondholder Purely Digital, after being recommended by Craig and seeing the phenomenal transformation of his team.  

Purely RDS


Bondholders Purely Digital and RDS Global have worked together on a project to raise awareness around IT and Cyber Security.

Purely Digital were commissioned by RDS to create posters for display at a recent motor industry exhibition. The print warned attendees of the perils of cyber security, and advertised the fact that 96% of small businesses have been hacked in the last 12 months.

The posters were utilised in guerilla marketing techniques, placed on walls, toilet stalls, the back of other people’s stands and on many obscure objects, and proved a success. 

RDS Global has generated a substantial amount of revenue off the back of Purely Digitals static backed printed HACKED posters.