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Oberoi Launches Internship Programme

Bondholder Oberoi Business Hub is launching a brand new apprenticeship and internship programme.

The apprenticeship and internship programme is being developed at Oberoi Business Hub, which offers back office support for a range of companies, from sole traders to multi-national businesses.

Kavita decided to launch a formal apprenticeship and internship programme after being impressed by an intern who joined the hub in May.

Kavita said: “The resounding success of Molly’s placement at Oberoi Business Hub unpins the company’s decision to develop a formal apprenticeship and Internship programme for graduates.

“The programme will be led by our commercial director Sam Grove. Sam has a vision to not only develop and drive the apprenticeship and internship programme for the Oberoi Business Hub, but also look to promote emerging talent across the pharmaceutical industry, which ties in with our healthcare arm Oberoi Consulting.

“The graduate programme will be aimed at supporting graduates in find suitable placements with Oberoi’s pharmaceutical clients – roles which are becoming more freely available as a preferred route of recruitment for many companies.”

Oberoi Helps London Business Grow

Bondholder Oberoi Business Hub has helped a hypnotherapy practice based in London's Harley Street grow at an exceptional rate. 

Malminder Gill said the call answering and administrative services offered by the hub have helped her focus on expanding the practice's client base. 

She said: “Kavita’s team not only answer the call, they answer some of the more detailed questions that clients have, manage the whole booking process and cancellations and all sorts of other administrative tasks as and when I need them. It’s just like having a personal assistant but it’s a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time receptionist.

“I’m really pleased with the service they’ve provided so far. In that past, I feel I may have missed out on potential customers or annoyed them because I was in session and couldn’t call them back quickly.

“There’s definitely been an uplift in customer numbers since Kavita’s team began working with me.”

Oberoi's Innovative Investment

Kavita Oberoi from Bondholder Oberoi Business Hub has invested in innovative baby bottles, after meeting the creator on television. 

Kavita Oberoi OBE has put money into Daniel Sutherland’s Quilk business after meeting her on the set of Sky TV series Make Me a Millionaire Inventor. The new firm will be called Oberoi Sutherland, and the pair have plans to take the business global.

Daniel was inspired to create the product after he was unable to find a bottle that would help safeguard his own children from the health risks associated with bottle feeding.

Having considered manufacturing the bottles in China, Kavita and Daniel were keen to keep the manufacturing of Quilk in the UK and have appointed a manufacturer in Derby.

Oberoi in the Driving Seat

Bondholder the Oberoi Business Hub is now providing its call answering services to its neighbours Mercedes Benz and Smart of Derby.

Kavita Oberoi, Founder of the Oberoi Business Hub, said: “As the result of the acquisition of STAR 21, a Milton Keynes based company, in October 2017 we have significantly expanded our call answering service. The acquisition of the STAR 21 clientele has led to an increase in headcount to support the Derby based call answering team.

“Our client base is growing daily, we are now supporting a whole range of businesses across many sectors, all having different needs. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients business which means we personalise our service to meet the needs of each and every one  of our clients.

“One of the newest clients is the Inchcape Mercedes-Benz dealership in Pride Park”  

Oberoi Recognise Heroes of Derbyshire

Bondholder Oberoi Business Hub is sponsoring the Volunteer of the Year category of fellow Bondholder Heroes of Derbyshire Awards 2017. 

The Awards celebrate the unsung heroes of Derbyshire, who go out of their way to support others in their communities.

A Spokesperson for Oberoi Business Hub said: "Oberoi Business Hub is delighted to sponsor the Volunteer of the Year category and celebrate the unsung heroes in our communities in Derbyshire.

"We have chosen this category to promote volunteering as it's so important to the people and organisations that receive the support.

"These are characteristics we recognise in how we run our business at Oberoi. Supporting the needs of business is at the centre of all of the back office services provided by Oberoi Business Hub. "

You can nominate a person for the Heroes of Derbyshire Award, by clicking here

Breakthrough in Hub

Held at Bondholder Oberoi Business Hub, fellow Bondholder Santander present the Breakthrough in Hub event - a chance for you to learn how to grow your business. 

The Breakthrough in Hub event aims to give you the inspiration, practical insights and professional support you need to start or develop your own business, as well as see it survive and thrive.

Hear from several guests including Bondholders, Dean Jackson from HUUB & Kavita Oberoi OBE from Oberoi Business Hub, as well as Ben Edmonds from Blok Knives.

 They’ll share their experience and learning on technology and how they have used it to grow and develop their businesses, as well as answering any questions you have.

Catering for the event will be provided by Bondholder Oliver's.

For more information, or to register for the event, please click here.