Preferred bidder for Debenhams announced

Leeds-based award-winning developer St James Securities Limited has today been announced as the preferred bidder for the purchase of the former Debenhams building in the Becketwell area of Derby city centre which could be transformed into a significant residential and commercial development.

Deputy Leader of Derby City Council, Martin Rawson, made the announcement this morning at the Derby City Embassy event at MIPIM in France, saying “St James Securities has an excellent track record of regenerating challenging sites across the country so we are keen to harness this expertise to transform the Becketwell area.”

Paul Morris, Director of St James Securities said “This is such an exciting opportunity to regenerate Becketwell and stimulate the renewal of the wider St Peters Quarter of Derby, with major benefits to the economic, social and environmental fabric of the area.”

John Forkin, Marketing Derby, said “Having met the St James Securities team on a number of occasions we believe they are the real deal. They bring fresh eyes, the ambition and experience needed to finally develop Debenhams, acting as a catalyst for the wider Becketwell site.” 

St James Securities has a track record of changing the dynamics of city centres as destinations and bringing new life to them. Their proposals for the Derby site -  a regeneration priority within Derby’s city centre masterplan - would see a mix of residential and commercial space replacing the former Debenhams store and improvements to the public realm. Paul Morris at St James Securities said: “Our vision brings together commercial viability and deliverability with striking and contemporary architecture, all integrated with quality public realm.”

They have been granted a 12-month period of exclusivity for the Derby site during which the details of the deal will be worked up.

Among St James Securities’ achievements are the regeneration of St Paul’s Place in Sheffield, the Round Foundry, Leeds which won the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) award for International Regeneration Project of the Year and Waterfront, Wakefield.

Tangled up in Blue

Cannes: 15th March 2018

Something feels very different at MIPIM this year.

It's not just that the Côte d'Azur sunshine has been swept away today by heavy rain. The MIPIM boys in blue suits have discarded their designer sun glasses and scuttled into the infamous bunker.

Outside on the street, hawkers are trading umbrellas at €20 a shot. However, the only business are the MIPIM refuseniks - usually wealthy folk who are unwilling to pay the MIPIM entrance fee - and they are unlikely to part with cash for mere rain protection.

No, what feels different is Derby and, more specifically, how Derby is perceived.

Marketing Derby has been 'doing' MIPIM for 10 years and, to be honest, in the early days we felt like hickey interlopers.

MIPIM is a market where cities and regions parade their wares to the 25,000 delegates seeking opportunity.

Back in the day, a city like Derby - population 250,000 - struggled to get attention amongst the glitz and glamour.

But, we felt we had a case, a cause if you will, so we stuck to our task and came back, year after year, with a little more experience, nous and confidence.

This year, I feel we have passed MIPIM tipping-point.

We now rock up with a great team and a clever plan. The 25,000 no longer intimidate. We know how to play MIPIM, where to focus and then basically ignore the rest of what can sometimes be a circus.

We collaborate with our Midlands colleagues in an impressive pavilion, providing a platform and easy intro space for investors. Its design is professional, you might say almost cool, but the energy and buzz is tangible and never seems to fade. Derby has been central to making this happen.

Outside the pavilion, the Derby Embassy, now in its 10th year, has become a landmark event - completely oversubscribed to near breaking point - where we share our narrative and opportunities.

The star turn this week was Rolls-Royce outlining the scale and hi-tech nature of their massive Derby operation. The audience lapped it up. There is no better sales pitch for a city than to have a global company fly out a senior member to endorse the product.

Finally, Marketing Derby took the stage at a Financial Times gathering of 80 of Europe's top inward investment agencies.

We were the only agency asked to do so. Why? Because we are seen as being one of the most innovative in how we use data and intelligence to attract investors.

And that is basically the difference I started with in this blog. We no longer feel like accidental guests, gratefully taking morsels from the table.

We are now trusted and respected partners with a reputation for being open, honest and businesslike - and guess what, investors are liking that...

Learn more about Derby at MIPIM

Derby Embassy at Capacity

Over 120 delegates packed into today's Derby City Embassy at MIPIM to hear about the latest investment and development opportunities.

In his welcome at the event, Martin Rawson, Deputy Leader of Derby City Council and Cabinet Member for Regeneration highlighted the city’s flagship Heart of the City regeneration scheme, which features in the Midlands Engine Investment Portfolio launched yesterday in Cannes: “The £60 million Heart of the City project is a major investment and a game changer for Derby city centre. It is critical to the future success and economic regeneration of Derby and the catalyst for further investment in the retail, leisure and office sectors.”

Keynote speaker at the event Paul Harris, Director of Economic Development at Rolls-Royce plc reinforced the global company’s commitment to Derby with significant improvements being made to their civil aerospace and nuclear campuses in the city. Speaking about Derby’s position as a leading centre for advanced manufacturing innovation, he said “Having local supply chain partners is incredibly valuable for us and there are great opportunities to invest and locate in Derby.”

Derby City Council’s Head of Regeneration Projects, Catherine Williams, spoke further about the £1 billion of opportunities available in the Heart of the City regeneration plans which includes the new £32 million performance venue, refurbished and regenerated Grade II Listed Market Hall, new £10 million car park and enhanced public realm across the area on Osnabruck Square and the Market Place. This is in addition to the new Museum of Making at the Silk Mill, the world’s first factory and UNESCO World Heritage site, and the regeneration of Becketwell.

Plans to stimulate the city centre Grade-A office market were also showcased with Derby City Council’s plans for a new 31,000sq ft office scheme on Bold Lane.

The annual event is regularly referred to as the “best breakfast in Cannes” and while always popular, it received an unprecedented number of registrations this year. Managing Director of Marketing Derby, John Forkin commented: “MIPIM is important for cities like Derby to fly the flag on a global platform. In the past this has led to numerous enquiries and genuine investments.  2018 is no different and we have seen huge interest amongst the investor community in Derby’s offer.”

Derby's Embassy and activities at MIPIM are also supported by Smith Partnership, Knights 1759, Idom Merebrook, Innes England, East Midlands Airport, Godwin Development, Harworth Estates and the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership.

Innovation at Infinity Park

Today Derby City Council's cabinet is set to vote on plans to build ca. 50,000 sq ft of extra space at Infinity Park Derby, which could cost in the region of £10m – further recognising Derby’s credentials as the UK Capital for Innovation.

The site, which is located next to the world headquarters of Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace, is a collaboration between Derby City Council, Rolls-Royce, developers Cedar House Investments, the Harpur Crewe Estate, Wilson Bowden and Peveril Securities.

The councillors will vote whether to enter into a collaboration agreement with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and the D2N2 Local Economic Partnership (LEP) to create a major new research and development centre; which would be owned by the council and run by AMRC.

The new facility in Derby would have national 'Catapult' status as part of a network of ‘world-leading’ centres designed to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas and help drive future economic growth.

The AMRC and the LEP are currently seeking approvals from their respective governing bodies to enter into this agreement.


In order that R&D activities can commence quickly, it is proposed that the AMRC is initially let space at Connect Derby’s iHub on Infinity Park – a state-of-the-art managed workspace, where they would co-locate with other hi-tech businesses, including new tenant Airbus which has taken two facilities totalling 1500 sq ft at the site.  Airbus selected the iHub because of its close proximity to Rolls-Royce’s headquarters.

Martin Rawson, Deputy Leader of Derby City Council said: "The arrival of Airbus is a massive coup for the iHub, and just the right kind of tenant for the building.”

"It is yet another example of a developing business taking advantage of the unique opportunity to relocate to accommodation in a hi-tech, manufacturing focused innovation technology park."

Quality of Derbyshire Living

The high quality of Derbyshire’s cultural and lifestyle offer will be showcased tomorrow at MIPIM in the Midlands UK Pavilion when Frank Horsley, Head of Economic Regeneration at Derbyshire County Council, joins a panel hosted by Estates Gazette to discuss the effects leisure and tourism have on economic development.

Derbyshire has long been a destination of choice to live, work and play and this is an increasingly important part in the promotion of Derby and Derbyshire to investors. With over 35 million visitors per year, the tourism economy in Derbyshire is thriving and iconic locations such as the Peak District National Park, Chatsworth House and the National Forest help put Derbyshire on the global stage.

Frank Horsley will use the opportunity to highlight new developments of global significance such as Buxton Hotel and Spa and Peak Resort in Chesterfield.

Major development schemes in Derbyshire, Drakelow Park and Tudor Cross, have been selected by the Department for International Trade to feature amongst a handful of schemes across the Midlands in its Investment Portfolio launched this week at MIPIM.

Why MIPIM works for us

Writing this blog gives me the chance to reflect on an exceptionally busy first couple of days at MIPIM, the world’s biggest property and real estate exhibition. 

The headlines have you believe that this is a week-long party with champagne, yacht charters and excessive parties exemplifying the worst excesses of capitalism. Blogs like this one tend to counter this with tales of long arduous days locked in negotiations in windowless rooms thrashing out tedious details.

The truth lies somewhere in between the two. The helicopters, yachts and private lunches exist, and are no doubt well attended, but those of us serious about regeneration and development are filling their time with meetings and working hard on things that add real value.
MIPIM focuses the mind, it takes you out of your everyday work and gives you the space and time necessary to meet those it is often difficult to reach back home. For cities like Derby that is of critical importance as we compete with the other 63 UK cities and beyond. 
At MIPIM you can meet those important gatekeepers to organisations more easily than anywhere else. Relationships are made at MIPIM that can lead, usually after years of work, to developments such as Jensco’s Friar Gate Square in Derby and, on a shorter timescale, to businesses deciding to locate in the city once they’ve got a feel for its momentum and economy.  

Our Embassy event, which took place this morning was standing room only as a packed-out room heard about the progress being made on Derby’s city centre masterplan, alongside a keynote speech from Paul Harris, Director of Economic Development at Rolls Royce. This powerful combination of public sector regeneration momentum alongside globally-recognised private sector investment really does set Derby apart as a prosperous, high-growth location and, in a place like MIPIM, that counts.

My final point before I sign off and head out to the rest of my day (7 meetings, 2 conferences and, yes, a Midlands Engine drinks reception) is that, in my fourth year here, it is evident to me that MIPIM is an essential part of the inward investment calendar, and that Derby gets it right. MIPIM isn’t about the location, the yachts or “the show”. It’s about face-to-face contact, relationship-building and finding a way to promote your city on an international stage. Our focused approach, centring on collaboration in the Midlands Pavilion and a dedicated Derby breakfast event, works for us.

Learn more about Derby at MIPIM

My first (ever) day at MIPIM

With 2018 being my first MIPIM, I have to admit I wasn’t completely sure what to expect from the experience. I’ve spent the best part of the last six months preparing for the biggest investment event in the Marketing Derby calendar, so I was nervous and excited to see it all come together. MIPIM veterans warned me how exhausting it would be, filled me in on the events that were not to be missed and constantly reminded me to pack comfy shoes and an umbrella.

The networking started on the plane, as we travelled as part of the Midlands UK delegation from Birmingham airport, but Tuesday was the first day of the exhibition. From the moment we boarded the train in Nice my expectations were met and exceeded. The journey into Cannes was as stunning as promised, and the closer we got, the more the train filled with delegates making their way to MIPIM. The anticipation built further as we walked down towards the Palais des Festivals and the crowd swelled – while I expected the scale of the exhibition I had no idea of the volume of people that would attend.

2018 is the second year Marketing Derby has collaborated as part of the Midlands UK Pavilion. 2017 was incredibly successful, and 2018 looks set to build on that with improvements to the Pavilion including a terrace area for meetings and air con – we weren’t sure how much use we would get out of these in advance due to the adverse weather conditions but luckily the sun shined on us today and our packed meeting schedule went ahead as planned – all while we got a much needed hit of vitamin D.

After a crammed schedule on Day 1, I was ready to recharge the batteries when we finally made it back to the hotel at about 10:30pm ahead of the fully booked Derby City Embassy and some big announcements for the city.

Stay tuned to MDTV for live updates throughout the week.

Learn more about Derby at MIPIM

Team Derby Powers Midlands Engine

The Midlands area will come together to showcase investment opportunities worth almost £10 billion at this year’s global property and real estate show MIPIM (13th-16th March, Cannes, France).

It is the second year that the Midlands region will work together to attract investment from around the world following a successful united presence at MIPIM 2017. A partnership approach which Derby successfully uses at MIPIM – the delegation this year includes Derby City Council, Derbyshire County Council, Marketing Derby, Rolls-Royce, Smith of Derby, Freeths, Geldards, East Midlands Airport, Godwin Developments, Harworth Group, Idom Merebrook, Innes England, Knights 1759 and Smith Partnership.

John Forkin, Managing Director of Marketing Derby said: “This is the second year of Midlands wide collaboration following an incredibly successful event last year. People will see a step up in the quality of the Pavilion, and we have evolved a strong “Team Midlands” approach that compliments our own destination promotion. Derbyshire is bringing a very strong team out this year with senior representation from Rolls-Royce, both City and County Councils, Derby-Nottingham Metro, Marketing Derby and our supporters.”

More than 70 public and private sector partners, 10 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) areas, and the Department for International Trade (DIT) will represent the region – the largest delegation Midlands UK has ever taken to the annual event.

The region will present details of the multi-billion pound portfolio to the exhibition’s 24,000 attendees, which will include potential investors, property agents, developers and media from more than 100 countries.

Destinations attending MIPIM as part of the Midlands UK delegation alongside Team Derby & Derbyshire include Birmingham, the Black Country, Coventry & Warwickshire, Greater Lincolnshire, Leicester & Leicestershire, The Marches, Nottingham, Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire, UK Central Solihull, West Midlands Combined Authority, City of Wolverhampton and Worcestershire.

The region’s presence is being coordinated by the West Midlands Growth Company, with key partners including Bondholder East Midlands Airport, Birmingham Airport, global car giant Jaguar Land Rover and the Midlands Enterprise Universities Group.

The 200m² dedicated Midlands UK pavilion will showcase the region’s investment portfolio through a variety of media including an event space to host a programme of more than 50 events, including presentations, receptions and panel discussions.

Marketing Derby will once again be hosting our award-winning Embassy on Wednesday 14 March at the Eden Hotel. Our key sponsors for the event include Bondholders Idom Merebrook, Innes England, Knights 1759 and Smith Partnership.

The Rolls-Royce of MIPIM Events

Marketing Derby will be hosting the annual Embassy breakfast at the Eden Hotel in Cannes during MIPIM.

Taking place at 8.30am on Wednesday 14th March at Eden Hotel, 133 Rue d’Antibes, the event will see a sell-out crowd hear about the latest development and regeneration news and opportunities in Derby, following what is fast becoming known as the best breakfast in Cannes.

Attendees will hear from Paul Harris, Director of Economic Development at Rolls-Royce plc, who will be providing an update on Rolls-Royce’s £1.25bn building and infrastructure investment in the city.

Paul will be joined by John Forkin, Managing Director of Marketing Derby and Catherine Williams, Head of Regeneration Projects at Derby City Council who will be providing announcements and updates regarding the £4bn already invested in the city, and the £2bn opportunities available.

To reserve your place, please contact katie.delve@marketingderby.co.uk for more information.

Getting an Incite into Derby's Success

Innes England’s annual Market Insite report has revealed that industrial rents in Derby have grown by 26% in the last five years, alongside significant deals in the retail sector.

The report, which monitors trends in the East Midlands property market, highlighted a strong industrial market with Goodman and Ivygrove Developments leading the way.

Nick Hosking, director at Innes England, said, “The industrial sector performed well in 2017 with take-up echoing the previous year. Given the strength of Derby’s manufacturing base we expect to see the industrial sector perform well again this year.”

Innes England, sponsors of Team Derby at MIPIM, also analysed the retail market, noting the success of Intu Derby, whilst the Cathedral Quarter saw lettings to Jack Wills, Bar Soba and Bunk.

The largest deal, billed as the biggest in the city since the opening of Intu Derby, was the letting of 22,000 sq ft in the St Peter’s Quarter to TK Maxx. 

The American retail giant has announced the store will open on Thursday 22nd February and is expected to drive footfall and further lettings to the area. Derby City Council is offering support to the regeneration of the St Peter’s Quarter, with public realm works across the area, including a Walk of Fame, celebrating noteworthy achievements of some of Derby’s most deserving residents.

Knights 1759 kick off MIPIM 2018

MIPIM 2018 is just around the corner, and to begin the hectic event schedule, Knights 1759 and Marketing Derby are hosting a breakfast event in Derby on Thursday 1st February.

This is your opportunity to be among the first to hear about some of the key themes for Derby at MIPIM 2018, and also from Richard Brown, non-executive board member, HS2 Ltd about the key infrastructure project and the impact it could have on our region.

MIPIM is the global commercial property show and consistently attracts 21,000 delegates from around the world – with more than 93 countries, 430 journalists and 4,500 investors. 

2018 will once again see Derby taking its place in the Midlands UK Pavilion alongside the other Midlands locations, promoting the vibrancy and opportunities available in the Midlands Engine. We will once again be hosting our sell-out Derby Embassy, with key panels and discussions in the Midlands Pavilion itself.

Please click here for further information and to register for Knights 1759 Pre-MIPIM Breakfast, this event is open to all, but advance registration is essential.

If you’d like to meet with a member of the team in Cannes, or would like further information about our Embassy or the Knights Pre-MIPIM breakfast, please contact Katie Delve at katie.delve@marketingderby.co.uk. 

Cannes Do

MIPIM is the global commercial property show and consistently attracts 21,000 delegates from around the world – with more than 93 countries, 430 journalists and 4,500 investors. 

MIPIM 2018 is fast approaching and Team Derby will once again have a presence as one of the UK’s leading places to invest in or relocate to. The strength of our message lies in our public-private partnership approach to the week and this year will be no different with delegates including the Deputy Leader of Derby City Council attending alongside key business leaders from the city.

2018 will once again see Derby taking its place in the Midlands UK Pavilion alongside the other Midlands locations, promoting the vibrancy and opportunities available in the Midlands Engine. We will once again be hosting our sell-out Derby Embassy, with key panels and discussions in the Midlands Pavilion itself. If you’d like to meet with a member of the team in Cannes, please contact Katie Delve at katie.delve@marketingderby.co.uk. 

We are delighted to be working with our partners at MIPIM Smith Partnership, Knights 1759, Innes England, Idom Merebrook, East Midlands Airport, Harworth Estates and Godwin Developments. If you would like to join us, please contact Katie Delve at katie.delve@marketingderby.co.uk.

University Science Park Launched

The University of Derby Science Park has been officially launched at MIPIM, and will be at the spearhead of the industrial digital revolution.

Adjacent to the world headquarters of Rolls-Royce and in the heart of Infinity Park Derby, the park will be home to innovative start-ups and growing businesses in the UK and will bring them together with global companies and leading-edge academic researchers, policy-makers and funders.

Borne out of a partnership between the University of Derby, Derby City Council, major businesses and entrepreneurs, it will write a new chapter in the history of a city with an industrial heritage which stretches back 300 years.

University of Derby Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kathryn Mitchell said: "We are delighted to be able to support teams of academics and students who will provide an extra dimension to engender innovation and develop world class products.

"This opportunity to work within an outstanding facility with a group of innovators is very much welcomed, especially due to the proximity to the manufacturing bases of prestigious companies such as Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Bombardier and JCB.

"We believe that this centre of excellence is a good example of the type of collaboration which will enable the Midlands Engine to both stand out and attract potential investors.

"It clearly demonstrates that Derby remains at the forefront of thinking and making."

Derby City Council deputy leader, Martin Rawson said: "None of the science parks which have already been built in the U.K. will be able to equal ours for the quality of collaboration and historical pedigree.

"From The Enlightenment onwards, Derby has been a centre for forward-thinking which has led the world and it still does, particularly in the arenas of aerospace, automobile, maritime and rail.

"The jobs created on the Science Park will be of the very highest quality and will prove that Derby is leading the industrial digital revolution."

The University's Deputy Chief Executive, Hari Punchihewa added: "The creation of the University of Derby Science Park has been a shared vision between ourselves, Derby City Council and our business partners.

"We are looking forward to working with businesses across a range of industry sectors and seeing them develop, grow and flourish within the Science Park environment which is world class in supporting innovation, research, skills development and digitisation."

Council Exchange Contracts on Debenhams

Derby City Council has moved the City Centre Masterplan forward by exchanging contracts for the purchase of the former Debenhams building on Victoria Street and six related properties on Green Lane and Macklin Street. At the same time, it also exchanged contracts for the sale of Eagle Market to intu

The purchase of the 110,000 ft2 (10,200m2) former Debenhams building is expected to be finalised by the end of March.

These key pieces of real estate will act a catalyst to regenerate the Becketwell area of Derby, through a public- private partnership approach.

Derby City Council started the process of consolidating land two and a half years ago – September 2014 - with the purchase of Duckworth Square. The land assembly will be completed with the purchase of the former Debenhams building and related properties.

Market research and soft market testing in 2016 has shown that Becketwell is suitable for a mix of development uses including residential, leisure and retail.

The D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership – the private sector-led partnership which promotes economic growth across Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire – has provided a £4m facility for the purchase and preparation of the site for regeneration.

Deputy Leader of the Council, Martin Rawson, who has responsibility for regeneration, said: “We are confident that together with the private sector we can turn this neglected part of the city into a vibrant, thriving residential and leisure district.

“This area has been crying out for modernisation and development. There have been years of market failure to revive this part of the city due to fragmentation of property ownership and other factors, the Council is now taking the lead to rectify these problems in order to stimulate investor confidence.

“The acquisition of this building is a key event which will allow us to move full steam ahead with a holistic regeneration plan for Becketwell. I will be taking a recommendations to March Cabinet on the way forward for this under-used area that has blighted this part of the city for decades.” 

Derby Embassy Unveils Key Projects

Over 100 delegates attended today’s Derby City Embassy at MIPIM, in Cannes, to hear about the latest investments and development opportunities.

Speaking at a packed breakfast at the world's largest commercial property exhibition, Deputy Leader of Derby City Council, Martin Rawson, outlined progress in moving the City Centre Masterplan forward.

Delegates also heard about a number of key residential opportunities in the city, including the Nightingale Quarter, which is currently in planning.

The plans showcase 500 homes in the Nightingale Quarter, the former Derby Royal Infirmary site, with a mixture of houses and apartments. 

Godwin Developments 

Complimenting this, Godwin Developments are in the process of developing 200 new build-to-rent apartments in the city centre. Marketing Derby can exclusively reveal this concept. 

The University of Derby Science park was also exclusively unveiled at MIPIM this year. The park, located in the heart of Infinity Park Derby, provides an environment for businesses to connect with each other and with Universities in the delivery of a pipeline of initiatives that turn world class science into new technologies, materials, products and processes.

Chaired by Managing Director of Marketing Derby, John Forkin, speakers at the event included, Andy Cliffe, Managing Director of East Midlands Airport; Greg Jennings, Director of Regeneration, Property and Housing at Derby City Council; and Richard Hall, Executive Director of Strategic Research and Innovation at the University of Derby

Midlands Unites at MIPIM 2017

At this year's MIPIM, Derby will be exhibiting as part of a Midlands-wide delegation – featuring ten Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) areas and 49 private and public sector partners.

Working collaboratively in a dedicated pavilion, the Midlands Engine delegation is the largest of its kind to represent the UK at this year’s event. The region will showcase more than £14billion worth of projects and investment sites to the annual exhibition’s 23,000 attendees – from potential investors and developers to property agents and the media. Themes will range from the opportunities surrounding the Midlands’ connectivity offer – including the new High Speed 2 rail network – to the region’s Enterprise Zones, housing and commercial schemes.

Sir John Peace, Chairman of the Midlands Engine, said: “The Midlands is coming together on an unprecedented scale at MIPIM to attract even more investment from around the world. The Midlands Engine is working hard to accelerate growth across the whole region and Local Authorities, LEPs and businesses are all collaborating to bring this ambition to fruition.

"MIPIM is always a success for our region and this year we have more exciting investment opportunities than ever before. For the first time, a brand new Midlands Pavilion will showcase the wide range of investment opportunities across the region, demonstrating to investors around the world that the Midlands is open for business and can offer a global proposition.”

John Forkin, Managing Director of Marketing Derby, said: “The Midlands Pavilion is the natural progression in our efforts to showcase the region on a global scale. By working in collaboration we are able to share the Midlands’ compelling narrative with the world; we are a region whose economy is a driving force in the UK, and Derby is at the heart of this.”

MIPIM is the world’s leading global property event. The four-day exhibition takes place annually in Cannes in March. 23,500 delegates attended in 2016 with 4,800 investors and 90 different countries being represented.

Infinity Park helps Midlands growth

Infinity Park Derby was the talk of MIPIM earlier this year in March, with the launch of the 100-acre commercial and technology park, and its selection as one of only 33 schemes included in UK Government’s first Midlands Engine Pitchbook.

Located next to Rolls-Royce civil aerospace HQ, Infinity Park Derby is a prime development site with Enterprise Zone status, which gives companies the opportunity to take advantage of business rate discounts and enhanced capital allowances. The first building on site – the £11.8m iHub – will open its doors this spring, and talks are already underway with its first tenants. The link road between the site and the A50 will open this spring.

The Midlands Engine Pitchbook is a collaboration between the 11 Midlands LEPs and the Government’s UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), as it sets out its stall to win £14billion from global investors as part of its plan to be one of the world’s leading regional economies.  The 33 schemes included can create 178,000 jobs, 32,000 new homes and 57.9 million sq ft of property space for the region.

Never before has the Midlands come together on such a global scale. Launching the Pitchbook to an attentive MIPIM audience were Sir Michael Bear, chairman of UKTI’s Regeneration Investment Organisation, and Andy Street, managing director of John Lewis, and chairman of the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP.  Andy Street encouraged investors to seize the opportunities and said “The Midlands is undergoing a remarkable economic resurgence, underpinned by talent, infrastructure and support that the region offers to businesses large and small.”

Peter Richardson, chair of D2N2, said “The Midlands has invested heavily in its transport infrastructure, turning the UK’s best connected region into an investment hotspot”.

Andy Street -  “Midlands Engine is not about a grand strategic plan; it’s about local drive set in a collaborative environment.”

New Infinity Park Derby marketing collateral revealed at MIPIM shows the support of its close neighbour and partner in the joint venture, Rolls-Royce. Colin Smith, President of Rolls-Royce says “Rolls-Royce is keen to see UK advanced engineering and manufacturing SMEs grow and become more competitive and capable suppliers to OEMs such as ourselves. Infinity Park Derby will be an attractive location in which these developing companies can grow.”

Power of 3 gears up

Derby, Nottingham and Leicester came together today at MIPIM to showcase the combined strength of the Power of 3 cities in the East Midlands.

Hosted by East Midlands Airport, MIPIM delegates heard a clear message about the investment opportunities in the region and how the Power of 3 delivers due to its unrivalled location, skilled workforce and innovation.

Howard Ebison, Customer Service Director at the airport, said “Power of 3 is three great cities coming together to drive economic growth.”

Power of 3 is three great cities coming together to drive economic growth
— Howard Ebison, Customer Service Director at East Midlands Airport

D2N2 Stands Out

Derby has joined colleagues across the D2N2 LEP area to host delegates at its stand at MIPIM in the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

Travelling under the D2N2 banner, Team Derby includes representatives from Derby City Council, Marketing Derby and a number of key private sector businesses including Derby Telegraph, Freeths, Smith of Derby and Smith Partnership, showcasing the strength of Derby’s public-private partnership approach.

Business Development Partner at Smith Partnership, Claire Twells said “At Smith Partnership we appreciate the importance of regeneration and development of the city and, through partnership with Marketing Derby, we are investing in its future. On this, our first visit to MIPIM, it is clear why Team Derby's approach is successful."

Derby - top European city

Derby has picked up awards at a prestigious ceremony in Cannes, in recognition of being a top European city for foreign investment.

Derby has been ranked in the top ten of European cities for its foreign direct investment strategy, and for its business friendliness in the 2016/17 rankings produced by the Financial Times’ fDI magazine on European Cities and Regions of the Future.

The fDI index is a biannual listing of FDI intelligence, published by the FT, and ranks the cities that offer the best prospects for foreign investment, economic development and corporate expansion.

Collecting the awards for Derby, Deputy Leader of Derby City Council, Martin Rawson, said “These are coveted awards and it is great news that Derby’s strategies for attracting investment have been recognised, as well as the support provided by the city to businesses and investors coming to the city.  Derby’s business community has critical mass, but prides itself on its personal touch”.