Hodgkinsons Academy

Hodgkinson sparks young housebuilding interest

Young people from the National Construction Academy — part of Derby-based Bondholder 3aaa — are to help build the first nine houses on a brownfield site in the region.

It is great to have apprentices learning their trade on site and playing an integral role in the building of this development.
— Ian Hogkinson, Managing Director of Hodgkinson Builders

Working alongside professionals from Bondholder Hodgkinson Builders, the young people shall study a Level 2 Apprenticeship programme at the NCA Derby Academy and develop their careers with Hodgkinson and other local employers.

Ian Hogkinson, Managing Director of Hodgkinson Builders, said: "We hope that the development of new houses, constructed with the help of the apprentices, will help not only families, but also people looking for their first starter home in the area. It is great to have apprentices learning their trade on site and playing an integral role in the building of this development."

Construction work is expected to take around a year and the finished development will consist of 21 houses — a mix of two and three bedroom homes — across a 1.5 acre site.

Hodgkinson takes to Westminster

Owner of Bondholder Hodgkinsons Builders, Ian Hodgkinson, will today be showcasing his apprentices to MPs in Westminster and the UK's leading house-builders on the future of Britain's construction industry.

The event, called Building Britain's Future, will showcase bricklaying skills by apprentices building a wall in front of Big Ben. The culmination of the event will be a reception in Westminster that will be addressed by both Amanda Solloway MP and Ian Hodgkinson. The reception will also include speeches from Housing Minister, Brandon Lewis MP and Minister for Apprenticeships, Nick Boles MP.

Ian, who set up his own brickwork academy, is going to expand on this with a National Construction Academy (NCA) - a standalone academy that will be rolled out across Britain to help build the 250,000 houses that are badly needed.

Ian said: "I am absolutely delighted to have been invited to Westminster and would like to thank Amanda Solloway MP for having the vision to help get my message out that bricklaying is the career of choice and with my new National Construction Academy and opportunities such as this, we are absolutely confident that we can show young people how rewarding a career in bricklaying can be."

Amanda Solloway, MP for Derby North, commented: "This is such a fantastic opportunity to promote bricklaying as a genuine and credible choice for young people to undertake as a career. There certainly needs to be more effort in encouraging the uptake of bricklaying from apprenticeship level and that begins with altering and improving the perception of the industry."

Rock Fall UK forges partnership with Academy

Bondholder Rock Fall UK has forged a partnership with Hodgkinson Brickwork Academy (a joint venture between Bondholders Hodgkinson Brickwork and Derby College) to ensure all students are learning safely and comfortably.

The Academy, which sets out to bridge the construction skills gap, will now be able to provide all its students with a pair of Rock Fall Flint Safety Boots.

Last week, Ian Hodgkinson, Managing Director of Hodgkinson Brickwork, sent three of his apprentices to Rock Fall's head office just outside of Derby to learn more about making the right choice in safety footwear.

Paul Wilson, Partnership Manager at Rock Fall UK, said: "We were so impressed by the drive of these young men that we've committed to issuing every trainee with a pair of Rock Fall Flint Safety Boots in a colour of their choice - a style widely used by major UK construction companies."

To learn more about the Hodgkinson Brickwork Academy, visit the website.

Sean Price talks digital and skills development

Sean Price, Managing Director of Bondholder digital agency iBox discusses the need for entrepreneurs in Derby and his focus on delivering digital skills development in the city.

Derby is renowned for being a city of innovation, home to some of the greatest companies in the country. When you think of entrepreneurship in Derby, it’s easy to think of the likes of Mel Morris, however there are thousands of names you would never hear about, starting up in business, failing, and starting again.

As Managing Director of Derby based Digital agency iBox, our entrepreneurial spirit couldn’t be stronger. We believe in not only growing a fantastic business with incredible clients and a team of energetic people in-house that are all entrepreneurial in their own right, but developing the next generation of skilled workers for this digital era.

It’s a phrase we have all heard: ‘Fall down 7 times and get up 8’ - a true entrepreneur doesn’t give up, an entrepreneur will fight adversity and figure out solutions to problems that others do not. It’s with this in mind that with our digital creative agency iBox, we are tackling the two biggest problems we see in Derby.

The first being the skills crisis with our iBox Web & Software academy. In partnership with Derby College we give back our time to teach master-classes to students, provide work placements, and eventually jobs within our organisation thus developing the very best web designers, developers & digital marketers whilst discovering their individual talents over the course of the year-long programme.

Our academy operates side by side with others who are not just passionate, but obsessed (because that’s the level it takes) about their businesses such as

These companies launched their academies with Derby College alongside our own - it shows the level of entrepreneurship and dedication that exists in the city.

It doesn’t stop there, we also are incredibly passionate about supporting local entrepreneurs and their businesses through our derby.digital efforts.

Derby Goes Digital

Things are different...we've gone fully digital, and for Derby businesses, it is time to change.

Posted by Derby goes Digital on Friday, 16 October 2015

Our second initiative derby.digital aims to help promote and support the entrepreneurs of the city in developing their digital strategies and promoting local businesses to the world.

A common misconception is that 'going digital’ (web design, marketing, SEO, social media) is a costly investment, or is something that doesn’t need as much attention. This is what we aim to help educate companies with. Our derby.digital campaign is taking over a decade of experience in web and marketing to help companies with smaller budgets tackle the digital world and grow their businesses.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most difficult and lonely paths to take in life - at iBox we want to help. As a rapidly growing digital agency in Derby, our e-Commerce website design work has been put in front of the likes of Richard Branson - our clients are all entrepreneurs. Working alongside really exciting, energetic people is what really keeps us buzzing every day.

GEW 2015 is another opportunity to look at and focus on those that are building the economy, taking the risks associated with greatness, and every last one should be celebrated.