Customer Plus

Bondholders' Collaboration

Bondholders Customer Plus and Status Social have teamed up in a series of national customer service conferences.

Directors of the two business met at a recent Marketing Derby Bondholder event.

Customer Plus organises customer service and contact centre events for HouseMark, the social housing sector's leading benchmarking and advisory service.

Managing Director of Customer Plus Richard Beevers invited Status Social to address HouseMark events across the UK to advise housing associations on using social media more effectively.

Richard said: "Social media is an integral part of customer service in the 21st century so it made sense to encourage housing associations to use it more. It made sense to team up with the experts from  Status Social."

Status Social director Mark Saxby says the collaboration shows the value of Marketing Derby Bondholder events. "After hearing Richard speak about customer service at Customer Plus's event at the University of Derby I knew a strong partnership could be formed.

"Richard's amazing customer service knowledge teamed with our social media expertise is a strong combination and is already starting to open up strong opportunities for both of us."

Customer Plus and Status Social also have plans for 2017. Representatives from the two companies are speaking at a conference in Cheshire in January and will be talking to a national train company about improving its social media activity.