New sett up


Bondholders Guy Taylor Associates and GCA (UK) Ltd have been commissioned by fellow Bondholder The National Trust for a new project at Calke Abbey.

badger 2.jpg

The creation of a human-scale badger’s sett, which has just opened to the public, is camouflaged by vegetation and the excavated earth from the site it sits on and consists of three entrances leading into a labyrinth of tunnels in which visitors can explore and play in.

The badger’s sett is located in the forest walk of Calke Explore and has been constructed with natural materials to blend with the surrounding trees and shrubbery.

On the project, Paul Stanton, Director at Guy Taylor Associates said: "This exciting new feature enthrals children and their older relatives alike, providing an interactive experience to help them promote problem-solving, encourage social interaction and ultimately, add to the fun of a visit to Calke Abbey.”