Solid foundations built

Bondholder Hodgkinson Builders has announced a strong first half of the year, with turnover increasing to record levels, as the company laid the foundations for 168 new homes.

Ian Hodgkinson, director at Hodgkinson Builders, has not only laid the foundations for the new properties, his team has also trialled a brand new way of working to speed up the process.

ian 2.jpg

Ian said: "Hodgkinson Builders is going 'great guns' at the moment. We have just completed a fantastic first half of the year. We have trialled the use of timber frames and liquid screed to speed up the efficiency of the build process at our development in Stoke, and we hope to roll this out over at our site in Ripley.

"By using modern methods of building we can work on both the interior and exterior of a property at the same time, and the use of liquid screed means that several plots can be done in one day, which is phenomenal. We are building homes so fast that we are running out of land."