Cameron's kids capsule

Bondholder Cameron Homes has worked with local children to bury a time capsule at their new Derbyshire housing site.

Toddlers from Aston-on-Trent Preschool spent the day visiting a new housing development in their village. The youngsters were welcomed by Cameron Homes, which is building a collection of new properties at the Aston Grange scheme, and buried a time capsule to mark the event.

A range of items were buried in the capsule on the site, including pictures drawn by the children and various items used in the construction of the houses.

Cameron Homes marketing executive Baljit Johal said that it was a pleasure to show the children around Aston Grange and talk to them about how houses were built. She said “We are a family-owned company and always try to get involved in local communities. We have also donated five scooters to the preschool group which we hope they will enjoy using.”

Louise Anderson of the Preschool thanked Cameron for their generosity, saying “We would like to sincerely thank Cameron Homes for the opportunity to visit the site at Ashwood Grange in Aston on Trent and also for the very kind donation of the scooters, the children will love them!”