Cyber software launched

A reformed criminal mastermind once dubbed ‘Britain’s Greatest Fraudster’ has teamed up with Bondholder RDS Global to launch its new cyber protection software.

Former hacker Tony Sales has warned Derbyshire businesses that the biggest threat to online security is ourselves. Tony, who after a stretch in prison is now on the right side of the law, helps police and organisations around the world to protect themselves against cyber crime.

An event was held last week at fellow Bondholder Derby QUAD with an audience of 120 Derbyshire-based business people, to launch RDS Global’s RDS Black Box™ technology - new software which cost £1m to develop and connects and integrates data to deliver a real-time dashboard.


The front man of We Fight Fraud, a collaboration between leading fraud and financial crime prevention specialists from diverse backgrounds said: “I go all over the world showing people how easy it is to be scammed - opportunities allow criminals to do their stuff.”

He added: “Loss information is flawed and no one wants to share this information - this has to change. 99.9 percent of websites are now hacked and people don’t understand this. 1.3 billion people had their information stolen in 2016. I want people to understand how important data is, and we are the weakest link.”

Speaking of the RDS Global launch party, he said: “The event was great. The RDS Global’s Black Box laser experience is the best thing I’ve seen at a business event and I’m looking forward to trying the technology.”

RDS’s patent pending solution is capable of connecting different systems and controllers, and porting multiple data feeds into one place. This can be hosted on site or in the cloud, from where detailed reports are generated live through personalised dashboards.

RDS’s chief executive officer Andrew Flinn said: “At RDS Global, we are passionate about technology and want businesses to embrace the ever-evolving industry as well as use it to their advantage. We are excited to officially launch the RDS Black Box as it will drive positive change and efficiency in business.”

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