New heights for wireless service

Bondholder Zycomm Electronics is connecting businesses and homes across Derbyshire and beyond with its W3Z wireless broadband solution.

Positioned on many well-known hill top sites across Derbyshire are access points providing service for the wireless broadband company known as W3Z, part of Zycomm Electronics Ltd, which is offering high speed wireless internet access as an alternative to conventional cable-based broadband.

With Derbyshire including many protected areas of cultural significance this internet service provider can bypass the requirement for disruptive construction and ground works for companies who are restricted by location from having an effective and reliable internet service in place.

W3Z prides itself on increasing coverage for rural businesses and communities offering access to high speed broadband with a friendly local services team available 24/7. Typical customers include leading manufacturing companies, country houses and estates, working farms, holiday parks, camping & caravan sites, pubs, hotels and major event venues across Derbyshire into areas of Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire.

The new demand from HMRC to provide on-line tax information is leading many to companies to call W3Z to help them to get better connected as W3Z can provide Superfast internet access without the need for major ground works or re-cabling.

Flexible tariffs, easy online ‘pay per device per day’ payments and leased line options are all available.

For further information regarding W3Z for business or home broadband contact the W3Z by email