Bondholders support school Tanzania project


The first Marketing Derby Bondholder event of 2019 saw businesses gathering at Bondholder Derby Grammar School who told the story of the evolution of their partnership with Gedeli B School in Mwanza, Tanzania.

The partnership began in 2013 and is planned to run for 10 years. It has already seen over £80,000 raised which has funded the building of new classrooms, toilets, the installation of running water and electricity, provision of sanitary products and stationery and the creation of playing fields.

Derby Grammar School appealed to the generous nature of its fellow Bondholders at the event and has been overwhelmed with the response.

Bondholder Bespoke Inns is supporting through its loyalty card scheme at The Dragon pub in Willington. Pupil's families and friends can apply for a loyalty card with a percentage being donated to the Tanzania Fund.

Bondholder Sibbalds and Merica Image along with Rotary - Derby South and Software AG have all made monetary donations which have been put towards the 2019 projects that will be undertaken this coming July when the next trip takes place to Tanzania.

Bondholder Highfield Drinks has generously provided bottled water for the school to sell at fundraising events, and Bondholder Mount Cook Adventure Centre has pledged a fundraising day at their adventure centre in Wirksworth.

Derby Grammar School has a special relationship with Bondholder YMCA Derbyshire which has developed over the years. This year, as well as its annual cake sale to raise funds for the Tanzania Project, the YMCA wanted to donate even more to the Tanzania Project and so pledged to contribute back to the project some of the funds raised by the Derby Grammar School team for the Sleep Easy event in March.

A team of five staff joined the Sleep Easy, raising over £2000 and contributing to the fantastic £55,320 raised by the overall Sleep Easy event campaign.

From this Sarah Crane and Gil Bowles of YMCA Derbyshire presented a cheque to the Tanzania project team of £1066.

April Sly, Head of Primary School and Tanzania Project lead said

“We have been overwhelmed by the support from Marketing Derby Bondholders. I cannot tell you how grateful we are and what a difference this will make to the lives of the children at Gedeli B School.

"I would also like to especially thank YMCA Derbyshire. We are truly humbled that the YMCA as a charitable organisation itself, and for whom fundraising is so vital, can make this gift to our Tanzania Project charity.”

The Tanzania team travels to Gedeli B School on July 5 to undertake two weeks of project work, improvements and teaching. If you would like to find out more about how your organisation can help, please contact April Sly at