Think3 Launches in Derby


Bondholder Think3 has launched in Derby combining design, development and marketing through digital sources with an ability to understand the customer and astute commercial awareness. Providing businesses with the information, tools and techniques to keep businesses growing and at the forefront of consumer developments.

The concept of Think3 originated almost 3 years ago. Forming as an extension to an in-house design, marketing and development team Think3 wanted to share fresh ideas with other businesses to support them grow and achieve their own potential. Whilst the day job continued to take centre stage the concept was put to one side with an ambition that one day, Think3 would be able to ‘make it happen’ and realise the potential it could provide to other smaller businesses, solopreneurs and large national corporate organisations.

And so it began, during February the team were approached to provide a full outsourced solution building on the concept and recognising the importance that our 3 core services have to play in supporting business growth combined with the commercial awareness the Think3 team can bring. Being awarded that initial contract allowed the original concept to become a reality, giving up on the day jobs and driving the business forward Think3 can now be introduced to businesses in Derbyshire.

What does Think3 actually mean? Understanding the brand development plays a significant part in understanding who Think3 actually are:

  • Think – being someone’s ideas or opinions; and

  • 3 - being our core principles that the team use to service every client.

  • Build – providing the customer with the product and service they need

  • Brand – ensuring that all products and services represent, the customer and their individuality

  • Market – ongoing support and commercial awareness to ensure that the customer can capitalise on the products and services provided.

From concept to start up within the first month Think3 has already secured contracts in excess of £50,000 with ambitions to grow the business to become one of the UK’s leading outsourced design, media and marketing agencies. Utilising the latest technologies and marketing developments to exceed the expectations from all of our customers.

Considering that it has taken over 3 years to get to this point, Managing Partner of Think3, Grant Thompson, said. “I’m proud now to be in a position where we can share with the businesses across Derby and the wider area the creative talents of the team at Think3, we look forward to working in partnership with many of you over the coming years and seeing both our businesses grow”.