Why MIPIM 2019 was the best ever...


“Did you have a good MIPIM”?

That’s the question being asked this morning in the departure lounge at Nice airport as we wait to return home.

All answer in the affirmative...”yep, best ever” is the reply.

You don’t fly down to Cannes for a week and declare it all a waste of time it seems.

My outbound blog this Monday already seems a long time ago...

A tailwind of 125mph whisked us down to the Côte d’Azur where we were welcomed by the bumpiest of landings (actually so serious that Manchester’s plane aborted landing and ended up in Italy!).

This is Marketing Derby’s 10th edition - it’s my 19th.

MIPIM is huge - 25,000 suited and booted - nobody simply rocks up and does the business. It doesn’t work like that and takes a couple of go’s to get it.

For us, it fits as a key milestone in our year of promoting city and county.


Our class of 2019 was our biggest and best yet - a diverse group of great people mixing experience, sectors and styles.

Cornerstone to this were our pre-arranged one-to-ones with investors - conversations to create or cultivate relationships to bring jobs and investment - all supplemented by our events, most especially the packed Marketing Derby Embassy.

The added extras include the offline conversations that further strengthen the team D2 relationships, plus the award we received from the Financial Times for having the best inward investment digital strategy in the world (beating New York and Hong Kong into 2nd and 3rd place).

Yeah, no typo there, the best in the world!

I’ve learnt not to underestimate the importance of things like this and team D2 is full of hardworking characters emanating ambition and passion for our place.

So, did we have a good MIPIM?


Yep, as I sit in the terminal (our 737 is delayed, no idea why) it feels so.

The proof of the pudding though will be in the numerous meetings to follow - all seeking to move investment forward - plus our ability to support project delivery.

For me, this starts with a day of meetings in London next week with people we first met in Cannes this week.

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