New relationship with Dräger


New Bondholder and Derby-based human resources management company, OdiliaClark, has announced a new relationship with Dräger, the company behind the Home Office-approved drugs and alcohol testing equipment used by the majority of police forces across the UK and Ireland.

The deal with Dräger represents the next level of support and services to be offered by OdiliaClark who will stock and sell Dräger equipment in addition to offering drugs and alcohol Testing services.

David Whiffin, Managing Director, says “We are seeing increasing demand from our client base for protection of workforces and a corporate capital equipment. Ensuring that staff are safe to drive and operate equipment is among our clients’ top priorities. Dräger testing equipment offers quick, discrete solutions that meet the high standards demanded by British government agencies”.

There is an increasing number of workplace incidents involving drugs and alcohol and according to Alcohol Change, 167,000 working years were lost to alcohol in 2015.

OdiliaClark has noticed a cultural shift in attitudes towards drugs and alcohol in the workplace which has led to an increasing number of companies looking to protect themselves and their staff through proactive screening.

Emma Horner, Director of HR and Recruitment at OdiliaClark, said “Workforces should embrace the need for workplace sobriety testing. Drugs and alcohol testing offers as much protection for employees as it does for businesses”.

“We also work alongside Rehabilitation Advisors to help employees overcome challenges they are facing in and outside of the workplace and forward-thinking organisations understand the need to address this issue and are implementing this testing in conjunction with their wellbeing strategies.”

The relationship with Dräger marks a unique offering from OdiliaClark as few companies offer the complete package of HR, recruitment and drugs and alcohol testing. We aim to understand the organisation, their operating challenges and develop best-fit solutions to support the business.

OdiliaClark is headquartered in Derby, the UK Capital for Innovation, serving a range of industries.