Travel on tap

Bondholder Trentbarton has rolled out tap-on tap-off contactless payment on all of its bus services.

When getting on a bus, customers will tap-on the new contactless ticket machines and tap-off as they leave at their stop. The new machines will do the calculations and their debit or credit card will always be charged the right fare.

If customers make several trips, or use more than one trentbarton route, their fares will automatically be capped each day.

Visa, Mastercard and Maestro credit and debit cards with the contactless logo can be used, including most contactless cards issued overseas, but not Amex. Payment can also be made using a smart device via Apple Pay or Android Pay.

trentbarton’s sister company in Leicestershire, Kinchbus, introduced tap-on tap-off contactless payment at the end of July and has seen one in four customers opt to pay with their contactless debit or credit cards.

Trentbarton managing director Jeff Counsell said: “This innovation is about giving our customers even more convenience and choice. They can choose to continue using their MANGO cards or continue paying with cash. But contactless is on the rise.

“In the Midlands more than seven out of ten people are already paying for everyday goods and services using contactless. Nationally, one is six young people are living largely cashless lives. The time is absolutely right for contactless bus travel."

With more than 40 million customer journeys each year, a similar 25 per cent take up across the trentbarton network would see an average of more than 27,000 contactless payments made each day.

Customers will be able to see their contactless journey history, trip charges and how close they are to their caps through the trentbarton website.

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