Daring to dream

Jon Eno, Musical Director of Bondholder Hot House Music School closed the #ABE2019 in spectacular style using his 'Dare to Dream' slot to highlight the internationally recognised and award-winning music school.

Jon inspired delegates and reminded them that the greatest asset for a business is its human resource. He sees his job as inspiring the next generation of Derby's workforce.

"If we want our children to be more we have to encourage them to do more."

Jon went on to explain that Hot House Music teach their pupils to process information and do physical activities at the same time to prevent them from developing bad habits which might prevent them from reaching their potential. This helps to make them great assets for any team in the future.

Hot House Music's saxophonist group have had a busy year with a Coast to Coast tour of America. 2019 will see them going to Europe and in 2020 they will be heading to Tokyo to play at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Delegates left the theatre with a spring in their step when the saxophonist group joined the amazing performance from Ed Richardson, very talented Derby Alumni drummer from Hot House Music who has played drums for many artists including Noel Gallagher, X Factor, Sir Tom Jones, SEAL and Gregory Porter.

Hot House now have operations in Singapore and France as well as their Derby base which has produced over 2,000 graduates to date.