Chamber procurement seminar


In conjunction with fellow Bondholders Derby City Council, the NHS, and the University of Derby, as well as Promitheia Consulting and Derby Homes, Bondholder East Midlands Chamber of Commerce has organised a free seminar on public procurement processes.  

The seminar will help to boost the confidence of smaller organisations to tender for locally-available work across city of Derby and is aimed primarily at small firms and social enterprises - operating around the city.

It aims to clarify the processes involved, showcase where the opportunities are to be found - including the support available - as well as to share some examples of best-practice.

Public sector organisations have proactively taken steps to simplify the process involved, so that local firms no longer feel inhibited from pitching for available contracts, many of which are broken down into smaller components that represent lucrative and accessible opportunities for SMEs and social enterprises.

In a bid to keep their expenditure local, the public sector is also eager to clarify some common misconceptions about what the process entails, as well as to welcome more tenders to help raise quality standards and promote best-value.

This seminar offers an informal opportunity to raise any questions (or concerns) about existing processes, and provides suppliers with an opportunity to ask questions for public buyers to address.

There will also be information about Source Derbyshire and the support the Chamber is able to provide.

Owing to capacity restrictions, preference will be given to organisations based within Derby - a maximum of TWO bookings per organisation.

For further information please visit: