Talk Staff new website


Bondholder Talk Staff Group has partnered with fellow Bondholder Alt Design to design and develop a brand-new website for their Talk Staff Recruitment arm of the Group.
The new website provides increased functionality and is designed to enhance the user journey whilst providing a valuable resource which can be returned to on a regular basis.

Alt Design worked tirelessly to provide concepts which were aligned to the creative vision of the Talk Staff stakeholders, it was specifically important that the overall look and feel of the website aligned to the creative feel of the business as well as showcasing the way in which Talk Staff operates.
David Orange, Sales & Marketing Director explained “It was really important to ensure that users understood why as a recruitment business we are different.  By working with businesses to focus on aligning their values throughout the talent lifecycle and partnering with them to design and deliver a focused approach to both attraction and nurturing of talent this ensures that significant long-term gains can be made.”  

Alt has delivered a website which is both functional and clean, with added benefits of integration into technology which is used by Talk Staff Recruitment employees every day.  This integration is a key aspect of providing a better and enhanced service to the end user.     
Gary Parsons, Managing Director of Talk Staff Group said:  “Talk Staff is definitely going places and after a lot of hard work, we finally show off what we’re really about and have a new website that showcases the amazing work we carry out every day for clients across the UK.”
The new-look website is part of Talk Staff Recruitment's on-going brand journey and will allow visitors to fully understand all aspects of what Talk Staff Recruitment are about and the variety of different services they offer.