Is your business recruitment fit?

Marketing Derby held a seminar last week to highlight the importance of talent attraction and retention. The delegates discussed their challenges and ideas and recommendations were made by a panel of experts to help attendees address the problems with aquiring talent.

Bondholder and recruitment specialist EMBS sponsored the event and gave an overview of their ‘Recruitment Fitness’ initiative.  The recruitment fitness concept has been developed with fellow Bondholder Yellowstep (the new business-to business agency created by former Bondholder Katapult).  

Recruitment Fitness is designed to help businesses gain a competitive advantage by developing their Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition.  It also enables them to assess the agility of their recruitment process and the 'candidate experience' whilst improving other pillars of recruitment fitness.

Delegates also heard from Regional Director and Bondholder CBI East Midlands, Rick Blackmore.

Rick set the scene for the afternoon by talking about the ongoing concerns of the ‘skills gap’.

With the fastest growing economy outside of London and 24,000 more people in employment since last year, unemployment is below the national average and many businesses are already feeling the pain of struggling to attract and retain talent.

A panel of expert Bondholders were also able to give their input to the Recruitment Fitness concept and took questions from delegates.

Neil Perrott from Yellowstep talked about the importance of developing a strong brand identity for the business.

Fiona Porter of FP Training covered Leadership and the role that strong leaders play in retaining talent.

Loates HR’s Sarah Loates talked about the talent journey whilst Amanda Solloway from Charity HeadHigh focused on mental health awareness and wellbeing in the workplace.

Matt Elson from bondholder 3aaa opened a discussion about organic growth within a business and how apprenticeships can support that.  Whilst Stephen Slack talked about their innovative approach to training by introducing bespoke apprenticeships with the support of bondholder Derby College.

As keynote speaker at the event Simon Bucknell said: Businesses need to understand how to win the race for talent in an incredibly competitive market. Our Recruitment Fitness concept challenges them to think about a range of issues in detail, we then help them to construct an employer brand and proposition that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Please email for your copy of the  Recruitment Fitness ebook.