Clear Winners

Bondholder Data Clarity has won a national award for ClarityOmnivue, its pioneering new software solution that is helping leading fashion brands such as Paul Smith transform the way they manage data.

The award scooped was the “Multi-Channel Solution of the Year” category at the Retail Systems Awards.

ClarityOmnivue works by bringing together data from many disparate sources and presents it in a way that provides one, 360-degree view of the customer, inventory, and products. It also provides management with reporting tools that can be used to improve important business operations such as stock management, staffing rota’s and marketing.

When using ClarityOmnivue, businesses are provided with an intuitive and simple to navigate, user interface which displays information in a way that enables informed decision making. It also helps ensure GDPR consent management and governance with compliance.

Chief Executive Officer Kevin Carrick said, “In developing a product that resolves the challenge of merging multiple customer records into one single view, we’ve proven that ‘Golden Record Management’ need not be a pipe dream or a complicated process. We’re delighted that our investment has been recognised by winning such a prestigious award.”