Bondholders in Luton Town FC kit launch 

Building on the success of Luton Town FC's kit launch for 2017/18 football season, Bondholder Silver Birch Creative (SBC), partnered with fellow Bondholder Averill Photography, were invited back to shoot another kit campaign.  

The pair had just 1hr 45mins to shoot three players and three different kits.

MD Karl said: "Football is in my DNA, I understand it as a player and a fan, so when it comes to applying creativity to these campaigns I love it. It’s testimony to SBC that we’ve been asked back again by Luton Town FC. We love football from grass roots up and our goal is to engage with fans through well executed visual communication. We get what it means to be a fan. As everyone knows their team is the greatest football team the world has as ever seen…

"Working with Mark Averill is an absolute pleasure. Creatively we get each other and our combined skill set means we always deliver."

SBC and Mr Averill have also been asked to make the trip up North next week to shoot Rotherham FC's 2018/19 kit launch campaign.