Help write The Derby Story

Bondholder Derby Museums are asking people to share their thoughts about Derby and help write ‘The Derby Story’.

Linked to the development of the new Museum of Making at Derby Silk Mill, contributions will help reflect the city’s past and present as a meeting point, a trading centre and a city of industry and innovation.

Derby Museums’ Executive Director Tony Butler said "Derby has the conditions for people to work and live well. Its pioneering, industrious spirit has pulled people from all over the world to live in the city. It has fostered innovation and entrepreneurship and been a meeting place for cultures and ideas - from the site of the world’s first factory at Derby Silk Mill to Derby’s position today as a leading city of innovation. We want to understand more about what makes Derby unique - from the people to the places - and hope that as many people as possible will contribute their thoughts."

Over the coming weeks, questions will be shared as prompts for people to contribute their thoughts. The first question is 'What does it mean to live and work in Derby?'.

Anyone interested in sharing their ideas or stories can pick up a card at venues across the city including the Museum & Art Gallery and Pickford’s House, or fill in a quick questionnaire.

Share your story

Conversation Café: The Derby Story

Saturday 26 May


Museum & Art Gallery