EMA in bid to provide global single-ticket flights

Bondholder East Midlands Airport (EMA) is on the hunt for a carrier that will be able to connect passengers to destinations all over the world.

EMA is looking to attract an airline that could fly passengers to a major European 'hub' airport, from which they would be able to fly to destinations across the globe, using just one ticket.

Five million passengers fly to and from EMA every year, but their ambition is to double that to ten million.

Andrew Pelham, EMA's head of aviation development, said: "East Midlands Airport couldn't be better placed for growing its market share. 

"We're at the heart of the country with easy access to the UK motorway network, and with a population of just over 30 million people within a two hour drive."

Earlier this week, a team from the airport attended the Routes Europe event in Bilbao, Spain, in a bid to attract a carrier that could provide such a service.