The Big Lock Up

Lindsey Hatfield, Marketing Derby's Commercial Development Manager, is taking part in the "Big Lock Up" to help raise money for the Mayor's five chosen charities; including Bondholders Safe and Sound, Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre and Derby Museums.

She will be one of 12 'inmates' - along with The Mayor of Derby, Councillor John Whitby - to face a mock 'arrest' by Peter Ireson, head of culture and business development at Bondholder Derby LIVE, and Pete Meakin, culture development manager, at their place of work on Friday 20 April.

The motley crew will be charged with a whole host of ‘misdemeanours’ - from crimes against fashion and aggravated assault on dress codes, to cattle rustling, laundering chocolate coins and stalking Gregg’s cheese and onion pasties.

Lindsey commented: " 3 of the Mayors charities are Bondholders which is why I would like to show my support. As well as being a huge supporter of these charities, that do great things in  supporting vulnerable children and families in our city, I would also like to thank them for being supporters of Marketing Derby. I'm not sure I am as  villainous as the rest of the convicts though, whats wrong with a little mischief and misdemeanour?"

After the inmates have been rounded-up by Peter and Pete – who will be playing the role of ‘Ant and Dec’ for the event – they’ll be transferred to the cells at Riverside Chambers, where they’ll be forced to undertake a series of tasks to earn food rations and treats.

Their colleagues and members of the public will be asked to make a small donation to vote for the individual they’d most like to see locked up and make further donations to view the footage of the inmates doing their time in the cells. The more money that’s raised, the longer the individuals will stay in the cells.

Speaking about ‘Derby’s Big Lock Up’, the Mayor of Derby, Councillor John Whitby, said: "It's terrific to see so many partners getting involved with our fundraising efforts for my fantastic charities.

“I'd like to thank all those who have given up their valuable time and freedom to participate in this innovative and exciting initiative. Special thanks goes to Ann Bhatti and the team at Connect Derby for organising the event and allowing us to use the former police cells at Riverside Chambers.
"I'd like to urge everyone from the business community to dig deep in support of the Big Lockup and to help me further exceed our fundraising target of £25,000 for my year in office.”