GIS innovation for Derby

Marketing Derby has joined forces with fDi Intelligence, part of the Financial Times group, to become the first European IPA to adopt sophisticated American Geographic Information System GIS) Technology to enhance the way investors looking to invest and locate in Derby and Derbyshire can access local data.

The innovative platform will provide a geographic mapping tool and local datasets to provide bespoke data drawn from multiple sources on features such as demographics, labour market and UK benchmarking.  The technology has been pioneered in North America where technology is a key enabler for site-selection consultants, and Marketing Derby staff are working with fDI’s tech team in San Francisco to develop the tool.

Chris Knight, Global Commercial Director, at fDi Intelligence said: “There are two main benefits of GIS – the first is internal to Marketing Derby, who are now able to access all the data at their fingertips to help potential investors get the information they need. Secondly, externally GIS allows companies open access to big data which enables them to compare investment options and decide what’s right for them."

Kathryn Allen, Head of Investment at Marketing Derby, said “The new GIS tool will be a great addition to the service that we provide to investors. The technology will not replace the bespoke, customer-focused way in which we support each investor but will provide a sophisticated addition to how we showcase the city and it responds to investors’ needs for accessible data to support their decision-making.”

The tool will be launched later in 2018 as part of Marketing Derby’s online platform.