HUUB Announce Further Expansion Plans

Bondholder HUUB is planning major expansion and increased research and development in its ranges following another year of sales growth.

HUUB founder and owner Dean Jackson created the company in 2011 as a new sporting brand which utilised technology and research in the design of its clothing and accessories to deliver performance enhancing products.

The initial focus was on wetsuits which are now sported by some of the world’s top triathletes including Olympians Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, who have now renewed their contract with HUUB until 2020, and Derby’s own Tom Bishop who will compete in the Commonwealth Games 2018.

Ongoing research and development and further product launches, including nine patented or trademarked features, has resulted in substantial growth in the UK and 20 other countries worldwide.

Dean Jackson explained that, from this position of strength, HUUB’s vision was now to expand its ranges and broaden its international markets.

He said: “Triathlon continues to be the world’s fastest growing amateur sport and we are fast becoming the brand of choice for elite and non-professional athletes alike.

“We have seen outstanding growth in the past two years despite the continued uncertain economic climate and particularly the impact of Brexit on exchange rates.

“Having conquered the UK wetsuit market and created a strong brand, we can now expand into other areas of performance clothing and accessories – built on the same principles of Research science and reality.

“Our attentions are particularly turning to R&D in cycling apparel. We are working with aerodynamics expert Dan Bigham at [Bondholder] Derby Arena velodrome to apply the same rigour that we undertake for research into wetsuits and tri-suits to our new cycling range – leading to better performance, comfort and functionality on the bike.”

Mr Jackson continued that a particular focus for HUUB this year would be on meeting the entire clothing and apparel needs of triathletes at work, rest and play whether they competing, chilling out before or after a race or preparing for their next race.