Sharing Wealth

Bondholder Rhodes Wealth Management is helping change the lives of impoverished young children by sponsoring a charity based in Tanzania.

Pamoja Leo was founded by Georgina and Ed Hill who were literally told by local police to take home two children they found on the streets while on their honeymoon in the east African country.

Their charity has helped transform care for vulnerable children by protecting their well-being, providing education to assist families to care for them and preventing separation from their extending families if they lose their parents.

Adam Rhodes, managing director of Rhodes Wealth Management, said: “Having visited Tanga, it is very clear how much can be achieved with what in the UK seems a relatively small amount of money.

“Supporting a charity run by intelligent, entrepreneurial individuals who have made this their life and donate their time for free gives me the confidence that Pamoja Leo is here to stay and is making a very big difference to scores of children and their families."

Jobs are available in Tanzania for those who come through the education system. Sadly, that only applies to 20% because some families rely on females to bring in money from a very early age.

Pamoja Leo is seeking to increase that figure many fold through its educational programmes. In a special presentation, Rhodes Wealth Management staff were told by Georgina how the company’s sponsorship had paid for the renovation of a day centre where 25 children are taught every day as well as the monthly salary of a teacher.