International dance website launch


Bondholder Burnthebook have launched a new website for contemporary dance company Humanhood. Humanhood are rapidly gaining international acclaim and recognition with its dynamic representation of physics and astrophysics through dance.

Humanhood were recommended Burnthebook as the agency that could help them take their unique form of dance to worldwide audiences through the web, without degrading the ‘immersive’ impact the dance company creates with its live performances.

Based in Birmingham and Barcelona, the dance company was formed in 2016 by Birmingham and Catalonia artists Rudi Cole and Júlia Roberts Parés. Together they have developed a unique symbiotic fluid movement language that lies at the core of their work, creating intricate choreographic patterns that merge into multilayered energetic shapes with flow and dynamism.

Rudi and Júlia said: “From the first meeting we had with Phil and Jackie we felt a clear trust in working with Burnthebook to create our website. They instantly grasped the philosophy and ethos of our work and we felt confident they would portray this into the company's website.”

Phil Newson, Managing Director at Burnthebook said: “When we were approached by Rudi and Júlia, there was an immediate connection and understanding between us. We were absolutely taken aback by the intensity of their performance and their ability to completely captivate an audience.

“We spent a great deal of time planning how we could best represent Humanhood and their unique creative offering online without losing their dynamic impact. It was essential that from the moment Users hit the site, we wanted them to feel the Humanhood experience and the depth of the performance.”