Bondholders collaborate for CD


Bondholders AWD Development Solutions and Hot House Music Schools are collaborating to raise funding for the enrichment activities and workshop opportunities carried out by Hot House Music.

AWD Development Solutions has provided sponsorship to produce The Hot House Screaming Kicks Band’s recently recorded a CD, so that all proceeds raised from sales will go directly to the students’ educational experiences.

At a Bondholder event next week (17th October), Andrew Deighton, owner of AWD Development Solutions, will share elements from his high performing team framework. He uses this framework to help improve the performance of teams in businesses and organisations. Jon Eno, Managing Director of Hot House Music Schools, will explain how he deploys those elements in his work to educate and develop some of the most talented young musicians in Derby.

Throughout the evening, Bondholders will be entertained by the Hot House Screaming Kicks Big Band – one of the top youth big bands in the UK.

A week after the Bondholder event, Screaming Kicks Big Band will be embarking on a ten day US tour to Boston, New Orleans and San Francisco. The tour will provide the students with an insight into life on the road as a touring musician. As well as performing, the students will take part in workshops and enrichment activities delivered by top jazz performers and teachers. Whilst they are there, a number of the band will also be auditioning for places on high profile US university jazz degree courses.

Andrew said: “AWD Development Solutions works with businesses and organisations to build high performing teams and develop effective team members and leaders. I think a band is one of the greatest examples of team working and we can learn a lot from it. Band members have clear roles, need to continuously develop and practice their skills, communicate clearly and support each other. They also get immediate feedback on their performance. These are incredibly valuable skills and attitudes which will be vital in whatever the students choose to go on to do in the future.

“Working with Jon and the team at Hot House, and the exceptional talent they nurture, is a really fantastic experience from both a professional and personal perspective. Witnessing the growth and development of the young people as they progress through the levels of band is truly inspirational and totally aligned with why I do what I do in my business.

“I’m delighted to be sponsoring the US Tour CD to help further develop the skills and capabilities of the students in Screaming Kicks and create memories and experiences that will remain with them for life.”

Jon said: “Hot House Music Schools provides a safe and positive learning environment for young musicians to explore and develop their musical talent and inspires the next generation of music makers.

“Derby has some of the greatest young musicians in the whole of the UK and we believe that music can help our young people develop skills that will help them positively navigate their way through life. Andrew is an inspirational motivator and I love the way he is engaging with learning at all ages.

“Music is the universal language and it has the power to communicate to all demographics. We believe that our Hot House students represent the very best of why you should live and learn in Derby!”