On a mission

Bondholder QUAD answered a call made by Marketing Derby on behalf of the Midlands Engine for creative businesses to join a trade mission to the Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo in the Zhejiang province of China.

QUAD decided that this was a mission for its in-house technical team - TechsQUAD.

TechsQUAD is a team of creatives, designers and digital technicians specialising in technical design and delivery.

QUAD were one of 60 creative businesses who applied for the 15 available places and were successful to join the Midlands Engine and showcase its business and meet with Alibaba, China’s biggest online retailer, wholesaler and payment platform.

Over half a million people visited the Midlands Engine Pavillion over the 5 days of the Expo and Dr Alex Rock, Head of Technical and Commercial Services at QUAD was able to meet with a variety of businesses and dignitaries including an international video games company, senior politicians, senior figures within the British Embassy and senior civic leaders to test the market for its products and services.

TechsQUAD specialise in emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and projection mapping to bring Heritage centres to life and thought that this would be the offer that potential Chinese customers would be focusing on.

In fact, Alex was pleasantly surprised as he is now following up leads with a Chinese estate agent, who is looking to use augmented reality to show American properties to Chinese customers and a video games company who is working with a travel agency to bring a cruise ship to life using the technology to entice customers to book.

“It was a really worthwhile visit and an amazing opportunity to make useful contacts to showcase the technology that we can provide. I have learnt a lot about the Chinese market and the requirements to follow up.

“I would encourage businesses to take advantage of future trade missions to test out the market for their products. It is a fantastic opportunity and you never know where it may lead you to.”